We’d like to appreciate all the people in Denmark who care for the children in Japan.

Yuko Yasui, a great violinist living and performing in Copenhagen, Denmark, donated her proceeds from her charity concert to the children in Fukushima this year, too.

-19,022DKK (328,153 in Japanese YEN at the rate of 1st July)

We’d like to appreciate all the people in Denmark who care for the children in Japan.

Thank-you note for our dear supporters in Denmark

Shin’ichi Kurobe (Pediatrician)
Fukushima Children’s Fund Chief Secretary

Dear Sirs / Madams;

We, Fukushima Children’s Fund*1 deeply appreciate your generous support for the children of Fukushima. We will soon send your donations to our affiliated NPOs – “Incorporated NPO Okinawa Kuminosato Recuperation Center”*2 as well as “Mothers’ Radiation Lab & Clinic Fukushima”*3. These NPOs are doing their best to improve the quality of life of the children affected by the nuclear power accident in Fukushima.

*1 Fukushima Children’s Fund, a NPO for the children of Fukushima, works as a mediator between its fellow NPOs and donors.
*2, *3 You can see, on their websites, their great contribution for the children of Fukushima.
Kuminisato: http://www.kuminosato.com/
Mothers’ Lab: http://www.iwakisokuteishitsu.com/english/index.html

As you may already know, during the Chernobyl nuclear crisis, in the Ukraine as well as in the nearby areas in the former Soviet Union, a great number of children got sick and many of them died young. So, we are now seriously concerned about the health problems of the children of Fukushima. However, the Japanese government has been turning a blind eye to its victims of nuclear power. It is now plotting to scale down the health checkups for the Fukushima residents, tacitly warning them against complaining about their ill health. The government, on the contrary, is willing to spend a handsome sum of money on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics; this massive amount of money should be spent on the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami victims as well as the children affected by the nuclear power accident. Alas, from somewhere rumors began going around that the victims of the Fukushima nuclear crisis have been overly compensated and the public quickly jumped on them. The Japanese government is too lazy to deny such fake news; while it is keen on giving stress to the victims of the nuclear disaster, arbitrarily dividing them into several groups, such as voluntary evacuees and compulsory evacuees. The former are being treated less favorably, of course.

So, the aforementioned NPOs – the recuperation center in Okinawa Pref. as well as the radiation lab in Fukushima Pref. will be so glad to receive your donations and will efficiently use the fund for their activities. Thank you very much for your consideration and support.

July 11, 2017

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