» Thyroid gland examination support

Fukushima Children’s Fund is supporting the thyroid gland examination program for children.
< The purpose of the examination/diagnosing >


We are aiming to discover thyroid gland diseases and to prevent the onset of the symptoms from happening at the earliest possible stage.

In Chernobyl the number of child sufferers of thyroid cancer jumped several years after the nuclear incident. We are now afraid that the similar cases will appear very soon in Fukushima.

In order to prevent the outbreak of thyroid gland related cancers, we need to find the symptoms and start treatment at the earliest possible stage. Moreover, we should encourage the children with the cancer symptoms to recuperate in radiation-free areas. We believe the examinations are indispensable for the prevention of thyroid gland disorders.

< Thyroid gland examination project >


F.C.F is supporting the project of the Iwaki Radiation Measuring Center, Tarachine.

Tarachine started its project with the help of medical specialists in March 2013. They are considering the citizens’ fears as if they were their own; so if you feel anxiety, you can see a doctor there in person and receive complete information directly from him/her whenever you wish.

The recipients of the examination project
The children aged 3 to 18 years old are the first to receive examinations free of charge.
As many as 1,844 kids, including those aged 18 and under at the time of the nuclear incident, had received the examinations as of Dec. 2013.

Medical specialists’ cooperation
The examinations have been conducted by volunteer medical specialists coming to Fukushima from all across Japan.

F.C.F has donated ultra-sonic diagnosing instruments, necessary devices for the examination project, to the Iwaki Radiation Measuring Center, Tarachine in cooperation with its collaborative groups.

We have owed a part of the Tarachine’s operation expenses to continue its thyroid gland examination project.

*Examination applications are accepted at the Iwaki Radiation Measuring Center, Tarachine. For the further information, please access its website. http://www.iwakisokuteishitu.com/