Introducing overseas suppoters

Fukushima Children’s Fund has received donations from overseas supporters, and we sincerely thank you for their contribution and cooperation.
Due to their generous help, we introduce some of them below.


The “Dragon Project” is an art project for the children who experienced the Tohoku, north east Japan earthquake.

A lot of people responded to the project organizers’ call for sending a piece of paintings or photos in a shape of dragon to finally compose one big dragon image; after that the organizers have completed a huge dragon image with one piece each sent from those people in Japan as well as from overseas.

They did this hoping the gigantic dragon would finally fly to Japan and protect the children in Japan as their guardian deity.

Why a dragon? This is because they started this charity for the children who live in the disasters stricken area in the year of the dragon in the Oriental zodiac calendar.

The project was founded by Ms. Touko Shiiki, a photographer who lives in the US and Ms. Nino Trentinella, a painter in Australia.

Ms. Shiiki said “I’m eager to ask you to relay our sympathy to the sufferers. I would be so happy if I hear the people in despair notice that a great many people including us in foreign countries are worried about them and that even some of us are playing active roles for them.”

She held charity exhibitions in the US and sent the admission fees as a donation for the children in Fukushima.

Ms. Shiiki and the dragon image (in March in 2012)

This photo was provided by the Dragon Project

Mr. Richie Hawtin, a German electronic musician, handed us his donation and messages during his stay in Japan.

He collected donation during his concert tours. According to him, his friends of various countries cooperated with him for “Fukushima.”

Ms. S, one of our fellow members and a constant donor, let him know about the Fukushima Children’s Fund. We appreciate him relaying our idea to Mr. Hawtin.

message card
message from Mr. Hawtin

“MINUS + Richie Hawtin present 3000 EUROS to the FUKUSHIMA Childrens Fund bringing LOVE + HAPPINESS to those affected by the Tsunami of 2011. Richie”

“Hoping to help make dreams come true! IBIZA STYLE presents 3000 EURO to the Fukushima Childrens Fund. JURGEN BUSCHE”

Mr. Hawtin
Mr. Hawtin and Ms. Mukai, an organizer of F.C.F. (Dec. 2012)

We received a donation and messages from ‘Kizuna Japon’ Canada.

The head of the group, Ms. Ryoko Hashizume is from Iwaki city, Fukushima Pref. She said “Kizuna Japon was founded by the Japanese parents who are wishing to hand down Japanese language proficiency to their children.

By joining in the ‘Matsuri Japon’ festival held in Montreal, we sold charity goods and talked about the lingering Fukushima nuclear disaster which is not yet under control.

We also talked about the environment of Fukushima where residents can’t help but be exposed to radiation all the time and about the necessity of recuperation treatments in cleaner places.

It is the responsibility of us adults to think not only about the children in Fukushima and their future but also about the children throughout the world and about their future. We sincerely hope more children will be able to recuperate for much longer period at least once a year.”

The members of Kizuna Japon (provided by Kizuna Japon)

Ms. Anri Yukiko in Bangkok, one of the world leading cities of accepting many Japanese residents, said “We have opened fairs and sold Japanese packed lunches prepared by Japanese housewives once a month. We are doing this in the hope of donating the earnings from the fairs to the people in Fukushima.”


Ms. Yuko Ando, a violinist in Denmark said, “I was so worried about last year’s disaster, although I was in a country far away from Japan. I was wondering what to do from here. So I decided to hold charity concerts. I have held seven concerts so far and collected donations from the admission fees.”

*She sent us 100,000 Denmark krone, about 1.65 million yen.

Yuri Murakami, a naturopathic doctor, said “I made a speech on ‘How to protect ourselves from radiation’. So, I’ve sent you all the donations from the audience of my speech.”

Ms. Awata teaches Japanese calligraphy at her ‘Let’s enjoy learning calligraphy, Tanoshimima-shodo’ class at the Paris branch of the Japan Calligraphy Academy.

She said “I’m sorry since my donation was devalued due to a weak yen. I wish the sales would have increased, but sales of calligraphy works aren’t as brisk as those of paintings. I’m sorry, I cannot help you as much as I want to.” (However, we appreciate her so much for her constant contribution.)

I’ve been operating an institution called ‘Studio BPM NYC’ with my friends in New York in the US. I’m now collecting donations through a fund-raising campaign, Studio BPM for Japan, as well.


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