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The statement of accounts from June 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017

15 Oct 2017

The chart below is the latest statement of accounts of the Fukushima Childrens' Fund. We greatly appreciate your generous contributions. The fund will be used for the children in Fukushima to overco... read more »

We’d like to appreciate all the people in Denmark who care for the children in Japan.

4 Aug 2017

Yuko Yasui, a great violinist living and performing in Copenhagen, Denmark, donated her proceeds from her charity concert to the children in Fukushima this year, too. -19,022DKK (328,153 in Japanes... read more »

Fukushima Children’s Fund Newsletter from Chernobyl No. 13 (December 2016)

22 May 2017

-- let’s learn from Chernobyl and protect our children -- We, the Fukushima Children’s Fund always appreciate your generous donations. We sent them to our affiliated NPOs; they are so glad to recei... read more »

“Voices from mothers”

2 Aug 2014

We have become healthy both physically and mentally, and I have realized the splendor of Kumi-no-sato. I felt as if I gradually got out of my shell which I had shut myself up in since the Fukushima nu... read more »

Introducing overseas suppoters

23 Jun 2014

Fukushima Children's Fund has received donations from overseas supporters, and we sincerely thank you for their contribution and cooperation. Due to their generous help, we introduce some of them be... read more »

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